Our Challenge

The problem - Aging facilities

Many of the District's buildings need significant investment to ensure a safe and secure environment for our school communities. Campus updates and major maintenance needs, including updating electrical systems and heating, ventilation and cooling systems have been delayed or deferred. The list of projects needed to bring all the District's schools up to date and ready to support educational and safety goals is long and expensive. As a first step, we are learning about the existing conditions and needs of these facilities.

The solution - Bond measure

To ensure that students are able to learn in facilities that facilitate and support their education, the District will bring a facilities bond request to the November 2018 ballot. The District last ran a bond in 2014 to rebuild Ferndale High School, which was defeated by voters. The last successful bond measure for the District was passed more than 10 years ago in 2006. We want to ensure the November 2018 ballot measure reflects your values and the needs of our community, which will ensure that the District can provide an adequate learning environment for its students.

Goals - District's strategic goals

A student's learning environment should provide for health, safety and security. Adequate facilities are crucial to meet the District's six strategic goals:

  • To enhance student learning and development
  • To communicate openly and effectively
  • To manage resources responsibly and productively
  • To honor, celebrate and embrace our diverse community
  • To safeguard equity and equal opportunity
  • To ensure the safety of each student and staff member