Facilities Background


The Ferndale School District is comprised of two high schools, two middle schools and six elementary schools serving approximately 4,700 students. Many Ferndale schools are aging and in need of repair. The table outlines the approximate year that each facility was built.

Facilities Advisory Committee

The District convened the Facilities Advisory Committee in 2009 to help them understand the relationship between school facilities, teaching and student learning.

The Committee:

  • Researched best practices in education and the facilities needed to support such practices
  • Developed a long-range vision for Ferndale’s educational facilities
  • Examined the needs of students and staff across the District as they relate to the condition of their learning environments
  • Assessed the state of the District’s current facilities in terms of identified needs and long-range vision
  • Created a comprehensive, prioritized list of immediate and long-term facilities projects
  • Made a recommendation to the school board concerning the next steps for addressing needs and realizing the vision

The Facilities Advisory Committee’s Report to the School Board provides more details about their work and recommendations, as well as CSG’s Comprehensive Assessment of Assets.

Long-Range Facilities Master Plan

The long-term goal of the Facilities Advisory Committee was to outline the most efficient and effective use and maintenance of the District’s property assets over the next three decades. Through intentional planning, the District can maximize the ways its facilities align with and support educational programs that benefit students and their learning. The Draft Long-Range Facilities Plan outlined the District’s timeline for facilities upgrades and maintenance, as well as when the District intended to take bond measures to the voters. Based on recommendations from the Bond Task Force, the District will adjust the Long Range Facilities Master Plan and timeline. For more details about the Long-Range Facilities Master Plan, visit the District’s Thirty Year Plan webpage.